Group and School Age Child Care Licensing Policy Statement
Number: P-GCC/SA-14

Whenever a program intends to refer a child for social, mental health, or medical evaluations or services the program must obtain written informed consent from the parent. Written informed consent shall mean that the parent is informed in writing of the nature and duration of the evaluations or services as well as of when, where, and by whom the services will be provided. The requirement for informed consent applies regardless of whether the services will be provided by the child care program directly, by an affiliate of the child care program, or by an independent, unrelated community service organization.

A copy of the signed and dated parental authorization must be maintained in the child's record.

If a parent makes arrangements directly with a service provider for evaluation or treatment services to occur at the program, the program must maintain in the child's record a copy of the parent's consent for these services.

Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: March 1, 2006; Last reviewed: January 10, 2008