Group and School Age Child Care Licensing Policy Statement
Number: P-GCC/SA-26

Before a licensee who holds both a group child care and a school age child care license at the same site may bring together into one group children from the separately licensed programs, the licensee must obtain from the Department written approval of a variance request.

Approval of variance requests to allow a combined group of group child care and school age children shall be granted on a case by case basis. In every case, the licensee must submit a plan to assure that:

  • Children from the two programs are grouped together for no more than the first and last hour of the program daily;
  • There are no more than six children present when the groups are combined;
  • There are no more than two children younger than two years and nine months old;
  • There is a staff person present performing teaching duties who meets the required teacher qualifications for the youngest child;
  • A staff person trained in first aid and preventative health care procedures in accordance with the group child care regulations is in the center performing teaching duties;
  • Either the teacher or another person on the premises is trained in CPR in accordance with regulatory requirements;
  • There is a second adult who can be available promptly for emergencies. The licensee must post the name, location and telephone number of the second adult who will be available in emergencies.
  • The program provides age appropriate materials, activities and furnishings for all of the children present in an environment that is safe for all of the children.
  • The space used by the children meets the required building safety code for the youngest children present.

Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: March 1, 2006; Last reviewed: January 10, 2008.