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606 CMR 7.l0(9)(b)4 Age Group of Preschoolers 33 months to school age, Half Day Program, Maximum Group Size of 24, Educator/Child Ratio 1:12, Educator Qualifications of At least one Preschool Teacher per 606 CMR 7.09(18)(c)2

EEC defines a half day program as a program that operates four or fewer hours per day, or a program in which no child attends more than four hours per day.

A Large Group and School Age Child Care program that offers both full and half day services may implement a 1:12 educator:child ratio in its half day component under the following circumstances:

  • The half day component is in space that is separate from the full day portion of the program.


  • Children in the half day component do not attend any part of the full day program, nor do children in the full day component attend any part of the half day program.


  • A consistent staff person is assigned as the primary educator to the half day component.


Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: March 1, 2006; Updated: September 20, 2010.