Residential & Placement Licensing

Regulation 102 CMR 3.08(7)(a) requires licensees to "simulate the functional arrangements of a home and to encourage a personalized atmosphere for small groups of residents". This policy establishes the parameters under which a program may allow doors to resident bedrooms to be closed or locked.

Closed Doors

Bedroom doors may only be closed when a single resident occupies a room and that resident has demonstrated appropriate self-preservation abilities. In bedrooms occupied by more than one resident, the bedroom doors must remain open at all times while more than one resident is in the room. However, the program must make every effort to make quiet or personal time available to each resident.

Locked Doors

Bedrooms may be locked to secure residents' property while residents are not occupying their rooms. The locking mechanism must allow immediate exit from the room at all times.

Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: September 25, 2008