Residential & Placement Licensing

A serious physical injury to a child in care must be reported to the Department within twenty four (24) hours of the incident, and investigated by the licensee in accordance with Policy P-SC-95-08, regarding internal investigations. A serious injury must be reported to the Department if it has occurred at the residential facility, or if it has occurred away from the facility while the child was in care of the program, or while the placement agency was responsible for supervising the placement.

Any serious injury, including self-injury, which results in inpatient psychiatric or medical hospitalization of a child must be reported to the Department.

A serious injury occurring during restraint in residential care must also be reported to the Department, regardless of whether it has resulted in the inpatient hospitalization of a child. Serious injuries include, but are not limited to broken bones, lacerations requiring stitches, loss of consciousness, and extensive bruising.

The licensee must also report to the Department any injury to a child which results in the filing of a 51A report to the Department of Social Services alleging abuse or neglect of a child while the child is in the care of the program or in a placement subject to the supervision of the agency.

The licensee should also report to the Department any injury to a child which might be a result of staff error or neglect, and which is the subject of an internal investigation by the program. In addition, it is suggested that the licensee notify the Department of any injury to a child which results in a complaint to the licensee regarding their care of the child.

Incidents involving injury to children in group care are investigated by the EEC licensor or investigator according to the Department's Complaint Investigation Policy, and are documented in the program file and the Department's data system. Investigation may include telephone contact with the program, review of submitted reports, and/or site visit(s) to the program for interviews, review of records and facility inspection.

Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: September 1, 2006 Last Reviewed: May 29, 2008