Adoption Agencies are licensed placement agencies place children for adoption and offer adoption related services. Contact them to learn more about:
  • Becoming a potential adoptive parent
  • The adoption process
  • Looking for your birth parent (If you know the name of the agency that was involved in your adoption, start your search by calling them.)

Adoption in Massachusetts is only allowed through a licensed placement agency. Under an agreement with the Executive Office of Health and Human Services, the Department of Early Education & Care (EEC) licenses adoption agencies.

This structure is designed to protect the three major parties in any adoption:

  • the child;
  • the birth parents;
  • and the pre-adoptive parent(s).

If you are an adopted child and wish to find out about your biological family then find out about your adoptee rights.

If you are a pregnant woman or an expectant father and are contemplating allowing your child to be adopted, you may find the sections concerning birth parents' rights in our regulations helpful.

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