A recreational camp for children is a day or residential (overnight) sports, travel or wilderness program that offers recreational activities and instruction to campers. Such camps have five or more children and typically operate anytime between June 1 and September 30 and/or during school vacations.

In Massachusetts, recreational camps for children must be inspected and licensed by the local board of health in the city or town where the camp is located; to be licensed, the camp must meet all regulatory standards established by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) and any additional local requirements.

The regulations establish minimum health, safety, sanitary, and housing standards to protect the well being of children who are in the care of recreational camps for children in Massachusetts.

Additional Resources

  • Contact the local health department (board) in the community where the program is located to find if a camp is licensed or for a copy of the camp's most recent inspection report.
  • To learn more about recreational camps in Massachusetts, download the Questions and Answers Guide for Families brochure, which is published by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.