To minimize time out of the classroom, there will be technology support to allow CTs and CAs to be able to observe their Mentees through a video-based instructional platform provided through an EEC contract with Torsh, Inc. (there is no cost to PAC participants). TALENT, provided through Torsh, Inc., is a video based teacher observation, feedback and data analytics platform that promotes accelerated student learning. The online platform has the ability to capture a wide range of daily in-classroom interactions to help increase effectiveness of teachers through facilitated structured and unstructured feedback from mentors and peers via a school branded, private social network. The feedback will in turn provide qualitative and quantitative data to analyze Mentee and MA interaction and instructional patterns through video.

Read more about TALENT pdf format of Cloud-based Video Platform
file size 2MB .

Torsh TALENT and SWIVL Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure your phone is in Airplane mode, so your recording isn’t interrupted by phone calls! Don’t forget to turn off Airplane mode afterwards!
  • Make sure your screen orientation is not locked or your videos will upload sideways!
  • Search for “Torsh” in the app store to find the free app. Note: If you’re using an iPad to capture video, search for the T Uploader app under iPhone apps in the app store
  • TALENT works best with Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. Do NOT use Internet Explorer. 
  • Lift the door on the top of your Swivl to find the Swivl marker that you will wear around your neck.
  • Use the hole on the black part of the Swivl to charge. This is lowest hole on the side of the Swivl.
  • Can’t find your TALENT invitation? Check your spam folder!
  • Have any further questions? Email