Consultant Teacher (CT) Logo

CT Qualifications:

The CT is required to have an Associate’s degree in early childhood education or a related field (a Bachelor’s degree is preferred) and, for center-based teachers, be EEC Lead Teacher Qualified or above. In addition, CTs must have:

  • At least three years of experience working as an educator in a Center-based, FCC or ASOST program;
  • Currently providing direct care to children in a program participating in the MA-QRIS at a Level 2 or above (self-assessed);
  • Support of Program/Instructional Leader to participate (if applicable); and
  • Access to a computer and the Internet for use of video support technology.

Note: Supervisors and Administrators are not eligible to serve as a CT.

CT Responsibilities: 

  • Attend pre-service orientation training (estimated training is 1 day prior to implementation of project).
  • Participate in ongoing CT training (estimated 6 days during the year) and the regional Professional Learning Community to share resources, training, expertise, and experience. (estimated 1 hour per month: may be conference call, face to face, or webinar)
  • Provide Peer Assistance and Coaching, including:
    • Jointly establishing monthly meetings to last between 60-90 minutes with Mentee (may be virtual; phone, email, video clips) to conduct observations and review progress and provide feedback.
      • The initial meetings will be to develop a relationship, and then to review the data identifying the Mentee’s needs and develop an action plan, including recommended professional development and coaching strategies designed to increase knowledge and skills in identified areas of need.
      • Thereafter, there will be a cycle of evaluation and coaching that includes continuous mutual goal setting using observations and follow-up conferences to analyze and set practical goals for improvement based upon detailed evaluation criteria.
    • Jointly establish monthly meetings or check-ins with Program/Instructional Leader;
    • Work with Mentee and Program/Instructional Leader to refine the Mentee’s professional development plan including identification of recommended training or courses and strategies for practice application.
    • Provide reports every 30 days using provided template indicating actions, progress, and/or next steps.
  • Maintain confidentiality