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The Program/Instructional Leader will vary by setting.  For center-based and ASOST programs, this will be the program or site director.  For FCC educators that are part of a contracted FCC System, the program leader should be either their home monitor or another person assigned by the System (such as a person assigned to support professional development or QRIS within the system).  Independent FCC Educators will identify an individual to serve as their Program/Instructional Leader.  An example may be a more experienced FCC educator from their support group. The expectation for Program/Instructional Leaders is that they will be invested in the PAC project by being engaged, involved, and demonstrate ongoing support for the Mentee and/or CT. 



The Program/Instructional Leader must:

  • Be the program director or site coordinator for a center-based or ASOST program;
  • Be the home monitor or person assigned by a FCC System to support professional development or QRIS for FCC Educators that are part of a contracted FCC System;
  • Have early childhood education and experience if selected by an Independent FCC Educator;
  • Be registered in the MA EEC PQ Registry.


Responsibilities of Program/Instructional Leader:

  •  Work in collaboration with the CT and Mentee in regard to support, time commitment, and completion of requirements of this project.
  • Collaborate with the Mentee and CT to refine the Mentee’s professional development plan including identification of recommended training or courses and strategies for application to practice.
  • Participate in the cycle of evaluation and coaching that includes continuous mutual goal setting using observations and follow up conferences to analyze and set practical goals for improvement based upon details evaluation criteria. 
  • Support participation in required observations, trainings and other meetings.
  • Program/Instructional Leader may attend the monthly PLC and attendance will likely be expected at least on a quarterly basis.
  • Participate in the evaluation process of CT and/or Mentee .
  • For Center-based, ASOST, and FCC Educators who are part of a FCC System, Program/Instructional Leader should provide information needed to receive stipends for substitutes. Independent FCC Educators will provide that information directly.
  • Maintain confidentiality.