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Successful Mentees will receive up to $550 for durable goods for their classroom, such as classroom materials or the purchase of necessary technology such as an ipad.  The Mentee will receive support from an assigned Consultant Teacher over a one year term pending an ongoing evaluation process. This formative process will include a review of goals established and met, as well as longer term goals.  The evaluation process will be an ongoing review of data as well as periodic interviews by panel members or EEC.


The Mentee must be working directly as an educator, full or part time, in a licensed or license-exempt early education and care program. 

Also, Mentees must:

  • Be registered in the MA EEC Professional Qualifications (PQ) Registry;
  • Be working in a program participating in QRIS at level one moving towards level two.   (final, self-assessed)
  • Display a commitment to increasing knowledge and skills related to MA Core Competencies, Early Learning Standards and advancing on the QRIS as evidenced by their Individual Professional Development Plan; and
  • Have the support of their Program Director/Instructional Leader (if applicable).
  • Have access to technology (video, email, and other electronic methods will be used to support the Mentee).

Note:  This is not intended for assistant teachers or FCC assistants.


  • Attend pre-service orientation training (estimated training is 1 day prior to implementation of project).
  • Participate in Peer Assistance and Coaching, including:
    • Jointly establishing monthly meetings with CT to last between 60-90 minutes (may be virtual; phone, email, video clips) to conduct observations and review progress and provide feedback.
      • One of the initial meetings will include a review of the data identifying the Mentee’s needs with an action plan, including recommended professional development and coaching strategies designed to increase knowledge and skills in identified areas of need.
      • Thereafter, there will be a cycle of evaluation and coaching that includes continuous mutual goal setting using observations and follow-up conferences to analyze and set practical goals for improvement based upon detailed evaluation criteria.
    • Jointly establishing monthly meetings or check-ins with CT, and Program/Instructional Leader.
  • Work with CT and Program/Instructional Leader to refine the professional development plan including identification of recommended training or courses and strategies for application to practice.
  • Participate in recommended training as determined by CT, Mentee, and identified Program/Instructional Leader.
  • Maintain confidentiality


PAC Educator Mentee Application docx format of PAC Educator Mentee Application
pdf format of                             PAC Educator Mentee Application

The application process for Mentees will include the following:

  • Statement of areas of need related to the QRIS, MA Core Competencies and Early Learning Standards, and preferred ways to utilize peer coaching;
  • Current QRIS Level;
  • Signed MOU of support from Program /Instructional Leader  (if applicable), and
  • One written recommendation: either a co-worker, or parent of a child in care.