• Background Records Check (BRC) Form for Licensee or Applicants links to PDF file

    All applicants for licensure must complete and sign this request for a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check and DCF Central Registry and Registry of Alleged Perpetrators check (Background Record Check).
  • Background Records Check (BRC) Form for Reviewers links to PDF file

    Any person in a licensed program who participates in the hiring decision and/or who will receive, review or discuss the results of criminal background investigations or DCF Background Record Check information of potential employees or volunteers in your program must complete and sign this form.
  • Background Records Check Consent Form for Family Child Care links to PDF file

    This form is part of the application process for providers/assistants who wish to provide child care or to act as an assistant in a Family Child Care program. In addition, each household member age 15 and over and each individual age 15 and older regularly on the premises of a family child care applicant's or provider's home must complete this form.