Child Assessment Training

Through a grant from EEC, The Collaborative for Educational Services (CES) provides statewide training and technical assistance in early childhood assessment and screening aligned with the MA Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS) to early childhood and out-of-school time professionals and educators in EEC’s mixed-delivery system. To find and register for training's, go to


Professional Qualifications Registry (PQR) Webinar December 2012 links to Movie file

NAEYC and EEC Webinar: Partnering to Improve the Process

 Standard Documents

QRIS Program Manager (QPM) User Guides and Instructions

These documents outline the QRIS Standards, measurement methods, documentation types and titles that can be used to assist programs in responding to questions in the QRIS Program Manager Online QRIS Application and Self Assessment (These documents are only for reference).

QRIS Measurement Tools

All programs participating in QRIS are required to use QRIS Measurement tools at Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 as part of their QRIS self-assessment process. These QRIS Measurement tools are used to effectively measure process quality indicators(teacher-child interactions) and structural quality indicators (program administration & leadership) consistently. The links below provide additional information about the QRIS Measurement Tools used by each of the QRIS Program Types.

QRIS Documentation Resources

These resources offer additional information about QRIS documentation expectations as related to the QRIS Standards and criteria to assist programs in responding to questions in the QRIS Program Manager Online QRIS Application and Self Assessment.

Resources for License Exempt Programs

For License Exempt Programs (including Public Schools) that will be participating in QRIS, this observational tool will assist in understanding the requirements for a level 1. (Please note that programs which are unable to comply with all applicable regulations needed for licensure must be able meet the provisional  requirements as noted on the Large Group and School Age Observation Record.)  This holds true as long as the care given by the program is adequate to protect the health and safety of children.

QRIS Timeline and Supports

As a result of the opportunity of the Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge, the report of programs participating in the Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS), the recent round of QRIS funding, and general feedback from the field on the QRIS, EEC is further defining the timeline and supports for the QRIS.  This will include targeted supports which for starters address alignment with early learning standards, the new orientation course for providers, support for business planning for family child care, and the role of health consultants.  As we further study the requested use of QRIS program support funds, EEC may develop other focused supports.  EEC also intends to target financial resources towards durable goods.   View QRIS Process, and QRIS Supports information.

QRIS Measurement Tools Training

Through a grant from EEC, The Institute of Education and Professional Development (IEPD), a program of Child Development and Education, Inc. (CDE), provides statewide support and training on how to use research-based measurement tools used in the MA-QRIS  to evaluate their program, as well as implement program improvement efforts. Programs and educators participating in the MA-QRIS can view the training opportunities for their region at their website at

Strengthening Families Training

Strengthening Families: Bringing the Protective Factors Framework to Life in Your Work: A Resource for Action

This training, developed through the generous support of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and builds on earlier work of the Alliance, state children’s trust and prevention funds and their partners and the Alliance National Parent Partnership Council, includes new materials on partnering with parents and addresses promising strategies to help families build protective factors and provide safe and caring homes for their children. It incorporates a strengths-based approach and is useful for anyone whose work touches the lives of families, as well as for parents who are interested in knowing more about these issues. It is simple to sign up for the course and all the content is available free of charge. To sign up, you may go to the Alliance website at and click on the link in the left column that says “Go to the online training course.”

Additional information about the course may be found on the document below.

Strengthening Families Alliance Online Curriculum.

Financial Resources

QRIS Grant Application Technical Assistance Resource

The QRIS Grant Application Technical Assistance resource provides general instructions and technical assistance to applicants for the QRIS Program Quality Improvement Grant. These instructions are designed to provide applicants with specific guidance as they review their grant application, provide clarification on allowable items, and guidance to ensure linkage of the QRIS and their future applications to specific standards for grant funding which support advancement. 

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