The Department of Early Education and Care recognizes that the future prosperity of the Commonwealth rests on our collective ability to provide all children in Massachusetts with the supports and opportunities they need to be productive workers and contributing citizens. The Commonwealth will thrive only if we roll up our sleeves together, and take seriously the mission of preparing our population for the challenges of a 21st century global society.

We hope that these resources help you become acquainted with the programs and services offered across Massachusetts, so that you can more fully understand how to help match the needs of your constituents to the resources that exist. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or need additional information (contact information is below.)

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Find Early Education and Care Programs

Healthy development depends on the quality and reliability of a child’s relationships with the important people in his or her life, both within and outside the family. These relationships lay the foundation for a wide range of later outcomes that really matter – self-confidence and sound mental health, motivation to learn and achieve, the ability to control behavior and resolve conflicts, and knowing the difference between right and wrong.

That’s why one of the most critical decisions you make as a parent is choosing an environment that will help you nurture your child’s growth and development, and set the stage for future learning.

Financial Assistance for Families

Information on financial assistance for early education and care programs and services, including eligibility criteria and how to apply.

Find a Child Care Resource and Referral Agency

Locate Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies by city or town.  Your local CCR&R agency has information on all licensed and license-exempt programs, and can assist families with applying for financial assistance for early education and care.

How to Contact EEC

Telephone numbers and email addresses for EEC staff, by position, region, and area.