About the Performance Management Program

The Baker-Polito administration is committed to improving the experience citizens have with state government in a measurable way. Each agency is tasked with identifying its critical citizen-facing services and publicly reporting its ability to deliver a better experience for the customer. By focusing on speed, simplicity and efficiency, agencies can improve service delivery and customer satisfaction with state government services.  

In accordance with Chapter 6A of the General Laws (as amended by Section 8 of Chapter 46 of the Acts of 2015), the agencies of Executive Office of Education have identified the following metrics and targets. At the direction of Governor Baker, each agency has identified 1-3 customer-focused metrics and a target improvement of those metrics. By March 1, 2017, the agencies will report on their progress toward achieving these targets.

Executive Office of Education - Secretary James A. Peyser

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE)TeachersCycle time from submission of licensure application to completion of review and notification of applicantTwo-weeks during non-peak periods (January-May and mid-Sept-Dec) and four-weeks during peak periods (June-early Sept)
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE)School DistrictsCycle time from request for grant funds to date processed on MMARSProcess all payments within 10 days of receipt of the request
Department of Higher Education (DHE)Private CollegesCycle time for decisions on approval of new academic programs at private institutions through the ‘Notice of Intent’ ProcessAverage number of days from complete application to decision <10 days, with no decision taking longer than 30 days
Department of Higher Education (DHE)Parents and StudentsCycle time for resolution of financial aid inquiries (services or resources) during peak season (April-September)60% within 24 hours; 75% within 48 hours: and 100% within 72 hours
Department of Early Education and Care (EEC)Early Education ProvidersCycle time for licensed early education programs to receive written results following routine licensing visits.Results available within an average of seven days as of May 15 and three days by September 1
Executive Office of Education (EOE)School and District StaffUsage of data and reports from Edwin AnalyticsDouble the number of reports downloaded from Edwin, to 114,000 annually (excluding student assessment reports)

Section 8 of Chapter 46 of the Acts of 2015

SECTION 8. Chapter 6A of the General Laws is hereby amended by striking out section 4A, as appearing in the 2014 Official Edition, and inserting in place thereof the following section: - Section 4A. In coordination with the office of the governor, each secretary shall, at the executive office and agency level: (i) develop measurable, outcome-based performance goals and a focused set of performance metrics to track progress and execution; (ii) measure performance on an ongoing basis against the goals and metrics; and (iii) establish strategies to improve government performance informed by the goals and metrics. Each secretary shall, in coordination with the office of the governor, make the performance goals and the secretary’s progress in reaching those goals available annually online not later than March 1.