This is the preliminary report on the progress toward achieving the FY17 targets, reported as of 3/6/17.

Executive Office of Education - Secretary James A. Peyser







Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE)


Cycle time from submission of licensure application to completion of review and notification of applicant

Two-weeks during non-peak periods (January-May and mid-Sept-Dec) and four-weeks during peak periods (June-early Sept)

During non-peak periods (Jan-May and mid-Sept-Dec), cycle time averaged <2 weeks. During peak periods (June-early Sept), cycle time averaged 4.5 weeks.


Total evaluations conducted were 87,274-  the third most dating back to 2004- and staff issued 28,632 licenses and endorsements, which was the most ever in a calendar year.

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE)School DistrictsCycle time from request for grant funds to date processed on MMARSProcess all payments within 10 days of receipt of the requestThrough the first six months of FY17 DESE processed 99.9% of payments within 10 days of receipt of the request.

Department of Higher Education (DHE)

Private Colleges

Cycle time for decisions on approval of new academic programs at private institutions through the ‘Notice of Intent’ Process

Average number of days from complete application to decision <10 days, with no decision taking longer than 30 days

Average number of days from complete application to decision is 11.8 business days, with no decision taking longer than 30 days.

Department of Higher Education (DHE)

Parents and Students

Cycle time for resolution of financial aid inquiries (services or resources) during peak season (April-September)

60% within 24 hours; 75% within 48 hours: and 100% within 72 hours

Over 75% within 24 hours; 100% within 48 hours.

Department of Early Education and Care (EEC)

Early Education Providers

Cycle time for licensed early education programs to receive written results following routine licensing visits.

Results available within an average of seven days as of May 15 and three days by September 1

In 2016 EEC began moving away from its paper-based child care licensing system to the cloud-based Licensing Education Analytic Database (LEAD) system to conduct licensing visits and store relevant data. During the initial phase of LEAD’s rollout (including pre-licensing, monitoring, and renewal visits) the average cycle time for licensing visit reports to be completed in LEAD and communicated to programs was 2.83 business days.


Executive Office of Education (EOE)

School and District Staff

Usage of data and reports from Edwin Analytics

Double the number of reports downloaded from Edwin, to 114,000 annually (excluding student assessment reports)

In 2016, 72,779 reports were downloaded from Edwin (excluding student assessment reports). EOE’s focus in 2016 shifted to upgrading the system that supports the source data for Edwin rather than outreach to districts to increase usage.