Fiscal Year 2018 Goals

Executive Office of Education - Secretary James A. Peyser

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE)TeachersCycle time from submission of licensure application to completion of review and notification of applicantTwo-weeks during non-peak periods (January-May and mid-Sept-Dec) and four-weeks during peak periods (June-early Sept) 
Department of Higher Education (DHE)Private CollegesCycle time for decisions on approval of new academic programs at private institutions through the ‘Notice of Intent’ ProcessAverage number of days from complete application to decision <10 days, with no decision taking longer than 30 days 
Department of Early Education and Care (EEC)Early Education ProvidersCycle time for licensed early education programs to receive written results following routine licensing visits.Results available within an average of seven days as of May 15 and three days by September 1 
Executive Office of Education (EOE)Application and website usersResponse time for most heavily used application and web pages.Improve response time to the industry standard of 3 seconds or less for the 15 most heavily used applications and web pages.