Planning & Evaluation Committee

2013 - 2014 Meeting Dates:

The Planning and Evaluation Committee will meet at 51 Sleeper St. 4th Floor Boston, MA,  on the following dates.


  • Committee Chair: Eleonora Villegas-Reimers
  • EEC Board Members: Joni Block, Cheryl Stanley
  • Ex- Officio Members: EEC Board Chair (J.D. Chesloff)
  • EEC Lead Staff: Sean Faherty


The Planning and Evaluation Committee of the Board of Early Education and Care provides an organized structure that facilitates greater Board engagement and input into relevant EEC planning and evaluation initiatives that are brought to the full Board for discussion and decision making. The Committee's work aligns and intersects with that of the Fiscal and Budget and Policy and Programs Committees of the Board to strengthen collaboration and a shared vision between the Board and the Department, as both work to implement a system to improve and support quality statewide and to offer an array of high quality, comprehensive, and affordable programs designed to meet the diverse, individual needs of children and families.