As part of the overall Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS), EEC is pleased to announce that the Quality Standards for Family Child Care, Center and School Based, and After School and Out of School Time are now available on a web-based application for programs to complete their self-assessments. The on-line application, the QRIS Program Manager (QPM) is available to any interested early education and care and after/out of school programs and this application provides the opportunity to engage in the EEC Quality Rating and Improvement System in order to better understand how a program's quality relates to the QRIS system and to inform related targeted quality advancements. The QRIS Program Manager will help programs manage the QRIS application process.

Using the QRIS Program manager, programs can:

  1. Create, view, edit, and submit a QRIS program application.
  2. Create a list of documents that an individual program plans to submit to demonstrate how they meet the measurements for each of the QRIS standards.
  3. Complete an on-line version of the QRIS Self-Assessment Worksheet to assist programs in identifying their self-assessed QRIS Level.

All users will access the Quality Rating and Improvement System from EEC's secure web portal on at:

Users will have to already be registered in the Professional Qualifications Registry before accessing the QRIS link. This insures professional development staffing levels and QRIS standards are tightly linked, eliminating any need for duplicate data entry.

If you are having any technical difficulty in accessing or using the QRIS Program Manager application, you may contact the EEC Help Desk at:

If you have general questions regarding QRIS you may email us at:

Additional information, including FAQs and instructions on how the use the QRIS Program Manager application, will be available via the website and will be updated periodically. In the upcoming weeks look for other opportunities to learn more about the QRIS Program Manager application

Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: January 1, 2011.