EEC recently released a revised Early Education and Care Voucher Services Agreement and accompanying Manual to be distributed to existing and new voucher providers/Systems. Since its issuance, EEC has received some comments and questions regarding the two documents. In an effort to clarify the provisions contained in both documents, EEC has developed the attached document outlining questions that were posed and clarifying responses. This guidance will be expressly incorporated into the documents.


Some CCR&R's have distributed the Agreement and Manual to their existing voucher providers/Systems and required that they be signed and returned by July 1, 2011. Given the issuance of this document, EEC is asking that any CCR&R's that have imposed a July 1st deadline, extend such deadline until July 8, 2011. Going forward, during any distribution of the Voucher Agreement or Manual, CCR&R's should also include copies of this Question & Answer document.



Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: June 30, 2011