Over 900 programs and educators applied for funding through this RFP, requesting over $7.7 million in grants. In total, $2,820,000 in funding was awarded to 415 programs and educators across the Commonwealth. Awards were made in all 6 EEC Regions and to all three program types; After School and Out of School Time, Center and School Based, and Family Child Care.

To be posted soon FY11 QRIS Grantee Awards.

Programs that submitted complete applications were scored based on the scoring criteria provided in the RFP and ranked based on those scores. Funding was then allocated in a manner which ensured diversity in terms of geographic and program/educator type representation to the extent possible based on applications received as represented in the QRIS Standard type. 46% of the applicants for FY2011 QRIS grant were awarded funding.

Programs may not have been awarded funding for the following reasons:

  1. A high number of proposals from a program type may have been submitted in the region and it was not possible to fund them all.

  1. The proposal scored low on the criteria in the scoring rubric in the RFP. Frequent reasons for low scores included:
    • requested funding for items that are not allowable
    • contained expenditures that began or end outside of the grant period
    • did not provide adequate narrative
    • little or no alignment between the program improvement plan in the QRIS Summary and proposed expenditures

  1. Proposed expenditures were linked to a standard that is already met in the self-assessment; this would not support a program in moving towards the next level of the QRIS.

  1. Did not submit all required supporting documents as directed in the RFP and clarified in the Q&A documents, or submitted the wrong forms. Documents submitted were substantially incomplete. For example, documents were missing signatures and/or DUNS numbers.

Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: May 25, 2011.