Massachusetts' state system places schools and districts on a five-level scale, ranking the highest performing in Level 1 and lowest performing in Level 5 Schools . The strength of this accountability system is undergirded by the state's 2010 Act Relative to the Achievement Gap, which provides tools, rules, and supports for the state to aggressively engage with schools and districts in Level 4 Districts and Schools and 5. 

Framework for District Accountability & Assistance

The state's framework for district accountability and assistance is a coherent structure for linking the state's accountability and assistance activities with districts based on their level of need, and provides school and district leaders with common indicators and tools for diagnosing problems and identifying appropriate interventions.

District Standards & Indicators

The District Standards and Indicators identify the characteristics of effective districts in supporting and sustaining school improvement.

Conditions for School Effectiveness

The Conditions for School Effectiveness identify those research-based practices that all schools, especially the state's most struggling schools, require to effectively meet the learning needs of all students. This tool also defines what each condition looks like when implemented purposefully and with fidelity.

Office of District and School Turnaround (ODST)