• Professional Support Personnel License Types and General Requirements

    Professional Support Personnel License types include, Temporary, Initial, and Professional. This page outlines the general requirements an educator would need to earn each license type.

  • Fields and Grade Levels

    The category Professional Support Personnel, is comprised of four fields (discipline or subject matter knowledge area within a category) School Guidance Counselor, School Nurse, School Psychologist, and School Social Worker/School Adjustment Counselor. This page lists the specialist teacher licenses broken down by field and grade level.

  • General Licensure Components & Requirements

    Every educator license can be broken down by category, field, grade level, and type. This page defines what these are and provides basic guidance on how to identify what the requirements are for the license you want to apply for. To identify the requirements of the educator license you wish to apply for, please use our Licensure Requirements Tool.

  • Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL)

    All educators seeking a Provisional or Initial license in MA are required to take and pass the Communications and Literacy Skill MTEL test. Many licenses require educators to take and pass additional subject matter knowledge tests. This page includes general information about the MTEL tests as well as a link to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s MTEL homepage and a chart of required subject matter knowledge tests.

  • Applying for/Checking the Status of a License

    This page includes information on how to apply for a license, what types of supporting documentation you will need to send to the Office of Educator Licensure, how to check the status of your license, frequently asked questions, and links to important forms. It also includes a link to our Educator Licensure and Recruitment (ELAR) system where you can apply for and/or renew a license, check the status of your licensure application(s), and read correspondence. Educators seeking to find the requirements for a specific license they wish to apply for can use the Licensure Requirements Tool located within the Online Services module on this page.

  • Adding a License

    This page includes information for educators seeking to apply for additional licenses. It provides an overview of the general requirements for adding a license; in a new field, at a new level, or both in a new field and at a new level. It also includes a link to our Competency Review guide.

  • Advancing, Extending, or Renewing a License

    This page provides an overview of how long each license type is valid for and what educators will need to do to advance, extend, or renew a license. It also includes important forms and helpful guides.
  • Out-of-State Applicants

    Out-of-state applicants seeking their first license in the State of Massachusetts could qualify for one of three (3) types of Academic PreK-12 educator licenses: Temporary, Provisional, or Initial. This page provides an overview of the general requirements that need to be met to earn each of these three types of licenses as well as a link to additional information outlining how to apply for a license.

  • Hard Copies of Issued/Renewed Licenses

    The Office of Educator License no longer sends out hard copies of approved/renewed licenses. This page provides information on how to obtain a hard copy of your licenses(s).

  • Name Change Requests

    This page provides information on how to submit a name change request.

  • Academic PreK-12 Forms, Guidelines, and Licensure Regulations

    This page contains forms, guidelines, and links to licensure regulations.