Would a candidate for a Vocational Technical Teacher license who has passed the Massachusetts Communication and Literary Test under the academic regulations have to pass the Vocational Technical Literacy Skills test?
No, if a candidate has passed the Communication and Literacy Skills test for academic licensure, this test would be accepted in lieu of the Vocational Technical Communication and Literacy Skills test. Please note that this process does not work in the reverse; the Vocational Communication and Literacy Skills MTEL cannot be used in place of the MTEL requirements for academic licensure).

If a vocational technical educator with the Preliminary license is unable to complete the professional education courses within the required time frame because he or she was called to active military duty, will he or she be allowed additional time to complete the coursework?
Yes, vocational technical educators who are called into active military duty and are unable to complete coursework within the required time frame will be allowed additional time.

Can credits that were previously earned (such as credits earned as a part of a bachelor's degree program) be considered towards fulfilling requirements for the Vocational Technical Professional license?
Yes, ESE will consider credits that were previously earned to fulfill the English, math, and science courses required for Vocational Technical Professional Licensure.

Can courses taken out of state be considered towards fulfilling Massachusetts course requirements for Vocational Technical licensure?
Yes, credit earned out of state can be considered towards fulfilling Massachusetts course requirements for Vocational Technical Licensure. Please have your official transcript submitted to Mary Ann Hickey along with copies of official catalog course descriptions along with a course substitution form. The Office will determine if the courses are equivalent in terms of the professional standards given in the 2003 regulations.

If the 39 course credits required for the Professional Vocational Technical license are not completed within the required time frame, can the Preliminary license be renewed?
In this case, an educator may apply for the Preliminary-Extension license and submit a letter stating why they could not complete the requirements for review and approval.