The MEPID is a unique identifier assigned to all educators and to school district staff in Massachusetts. MEPIDs were developed as part of the Education Personnel Information Management System (EPIMS) and enable the collection of educator and staff data at the individual level from school districts to the Department.

A MEPID will be assigned to anyone who creates a profile in ELAR. Once an applicant creates a profile, their MEPID can be found in the Personal Information section on the Inquiry Activity – Summary page in ELAR. To get to this page, login to ELAR (can be accessed at and click on the Check license status and history, make a payment link on the Welcome to ELAR screen. The MEPID number should be located right above your name. If you do not see your MEPID number please call the Office of Educator Licensure’s Call Center at (781) 338-6600 between the hours of 9am-12pm and 2pm and 5pm M-F.

This number may be used in place of a Social Security number as an identifier when making inquiries or submitting documentation.