• Elementary School Students
  • Massachusetts is recognized as a national leader with regard to student achievement and the implementation of innovative and bold reform strategies. The Commonwealth is also recognized for its unwavering commitment to providing all children with transformative educational opportunities from birth through postsecondary education, and for building a public education system that is increasing policy alignment and collaboration across the early education, K-12, and higher education sectors.

    Based on a growing body of research and data, we know that the earliest years of a child’s life have critical impact on cognitive, language, and social and emotional development. We know that physical development and well-being are essential to building a strong foundation for learning and growth. In order to ensure the future prosperity of the Commonwealth, we must ensure that all of our youngest citizens, regardless of zip code, have access to enriching learning opportunities and experiences in their homes, communities, and educational environments. We must build a healthy and strong foundation for learning starting at birth so that all children will be on the pathway to lifelong success.

    In order to achieve this goal, Massachusetts is developing a birth through grade 3 policy agenda, one that builds on our ongoing efforts to create a public education system that supports our children from birth through postsecondary education. By creating this agenda, we will enhance the quality of educational and other services provided to children and families and also increase policy alignment and collaboration among our state education agencies – the Department of Early Education and Care, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and the Department of Higher Education. Lastly, we will strengthen essential partnerships with educators, parents and families, local and state officials, legislators, community and business partners, and other members of the Commonwealth community, which will enable us to make an even stronger commitment to our children.

    This is an exciting time for the Commonwealth, and we are excited about building an agenda that will expand on our efforts to provide high-quality services to our children and families and also create healthy, happy, and inclusive environments in which all of our children can thrive.

    Thank you for your interest in building the foundation of future success for all children from birth through grade 3. We encourage you to visit this site often, as it will be continuously updated with information about upcoming events, state and national resources, and opportunities for you to contribute to this work.