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Over the next two years, Massachusetts will receive substantial assistance through the ARRA to support early education, K-12 education, and higher education. Based on preliminary estimates released by the U.S. Department of Education, Massachusetts is expected to receive $1,881,421,901 [1]in accordance with the key provisions listed below (this amount does not include potential competitive grant awards and support for capital projects).

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) has provided specific guidelines and a timetable for disbursement for selected funding streams included in the ARRA (including the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund; Title I, Part A; and IDEA, Parts B and C), and will provide additional information about other funding streams in the near future. ED will also provide information about the time frame for selected competitive grants within the next several months. Information about ARRA education funding is available on the Recovery website ( and guidance documents for specific programs are available at

Funding Announced to Date:

  • $412 million from the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund to guarantee foundation-level funding and hold all school districts harmless in FY 2009
  • $168 million from the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund to guarantee foundation-level funding for all school districts in FY 2010, based on Governor Patrick's House 1 budget proposal
  • $162 million from the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund to restore state funding for public colleges and universities in FY 2010, based on Governor Patrick's House 1 budget proposal
  • $280 million in additional IDEA, Part B Grants to States and $10 million in IDEA, Part B Preschool Grants to support the provision of special education services
  • $163 million in additional Title I, Targeted Grants and Education Finance Incentive Grants to support high-poverty districts in Massachusetts

State Fiscal Stabilization Fund$994,258,205
Early Education and Care
Child Care and Development Block Grant$23,966,942
Head Start and Early Head Start$10,282,920
Elementary and Secondary Education
Title I$163,680,278
Educational Technology Grants$10,576,105
Qualified School Construction Bonds: Massachusetts$144,783,000
Qualified School Construction Bonds: Boston * $37,567,000
Qualified School Construction Bonds: Springfield * $17,864,000
Qualified Zone Academy Bonds$21,752,000
National School Lunch Program Equipment Assistance$1,404,025
Impact Aid for Construction Grants$100 million nationwide
McKinney-Vento Funding$1,118,480
Higher Education
Pell Grants$363,545,014
Federal Work Study$9,257,239
Special Education and Support for Individuals with Disabilities
IDEA, Part B Grants$280,551,559
IDEA, Part B Preschool Grants$10,263,466
IDEA, Part C Grants for Infants and Families$7,361,826
Vocational Rehabilitation State Grants$7,068,629
Independent Living State Grants$286,391
Services for Older Individuals Who Are Blind$778,450

The ARRA also provides funding for a number of other programs that K-12 schools, higher education institutions, and other entities could apply for through competitive grants.

State Incentive Fund - "Race to the Top" Grants$4.35 billion nationwide
Innovation Fund - "Investing in What Works and Innovation" Grants$650 million nationwide
Teacher Incentive Fund$200 million nationwide
Teacher Quality Enhancement Grant Program$100 million nationwide
Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems$250 million nationwide
Broadband Technology Opportunities Program$200 million nationwide
Community College and Career Training Grant Program$40 million in FY 2009 and 2010
Health Care Workers$500 million nationwide

The ARRA also provides funding for a number of research-related programs (including funds for construction and renovation of research facilities) for which Massachusetts colleges and universities typically are eligible to apply.

Department of Agriculture
Agricultural Research Service - Building and Facilities$176 million nationwide
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Scientific and Technical Research and Services$220 million nationwide
Construction of Research Facilities$360 million nationwide
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Science$400 million nationwide
Aeronautics$150 million nationwide
Exploration$400 million nationwide
National Science Foundation
Major Research Instrumentation Program$300 million nationwide
Academic Research Facilities Modernization Program$200 million nationwide
Education and Human Resources$100 million nationwide
Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction$400 million nationwide
Department of Energy
Science$1.6 billion nationwide
National Institutes of Health
Office of the Director$8.2 billion nationwide
National Center for Research Resources$1 billion nationwide

[1] This amount includes the total allocation to Massachusetts from the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund ($994,258,205). According to the ARRA, 81.8 percent of the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund ($813,303,212) must be used to restore state aid to school districts and public institutions of higher education in FY 2009, 2010, and 2011. The remaining 18.2 percent ($180,954,993) may be used for public safety and other government services, which also may include education services.

* In addition to the allocation of Qualified School Construction Bonds for states, there are separate allocations for 100 school districts nationwide with the largest numbers of children aged 5 through 17 from families living below the poverty level.