In January 2012, Governor Deval Patrick announced Marybeth Campbell as the new Director of Education and Workforce Development, a joint position among the Executive Offices of Education, Labor and Workforce Development and Housing and Economic Development.  Marybeth coordinates efforts among the three Secretariats to pool expertise and resources in the development of a workforce pipeline aligned with labor market demands in health care, life sciences, information technology and advanced manufacturing. She is focused on strengthening partnerships between community colleges and workforce development entities including Workforce Investment Boards, employers and Career Centers across the state; increasing the alignment of courses and programs across high schools, vocational technical schools, community colleges, state universities and University of Massachusetts campuses; and developing online tools to provide students with clear descriptions of different pathways to multiple careers and employers with recruitment opportunities, among other initiatives. Marybeth’s focus, in collaboration with public and private partners, is to create a more coherent and flexible education and workforce development system that will connect well-trained, highly-qualified employees to jobs in every corner of the Commonwealth.