An initiative funded by the Race to the Top - Early Learning Challenge (RTTT-ELC) grant, the Early Childhood Information System (ECIS) is EEC's new enterprise data warehouse designed to serve as a single source of truth for EEC business reporting. The majority of the reports listed here are required deliverables associated with the RTTT project.

As a part of the Longitudinal Data System (LDS), ECIS child and program level data will be shared across agencies to improve child outcomes and support school readiness initiatives.


  1. Incorporate all essential data elements to support data-driven decision making across state agencies responsible for ensuring children's healthy development, readiness and success for school.
  2. Build a system which is fully inter-operable with the Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS), while other data systems from health, child welfare, and other systems can be linked and made interoperable.


ECIS Data Warehouse

  • Provides a persistent vault for EEC enterprise data
  • Provides a “source of truth” for internal reporting activity, improving the quality of reporting and reducing the reliance on disparate source systems.
  • Provides the business with a more agile, centralized platform for data, reducing the time required to generate complex, multi-dimensional reports

Business Intelligence (Reporting)

  • Provides better insight into EEC data, particularly children and program quality
  • Allows the business to forecast with improved accuracy, reduced effort

Examples of ECIS Reports

Children by Federal Race Classification - Trend

ECIS: Children by Federal Race Classification – Trend

Children by Age Group - Trend

ECIS: Children by Age Group - Trend

Children by Most Common Primary Languages - Trend

ECIS: Children by Most Common Primary Language - Trend

EEC's Parental Consent Form - Authorization to Collect and Use Child Data