In June 2013, Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino established  RoxMAPP, the Massachusetts Academic Polytech Pathway, an innovative educational and workforce development partnership that aims to create new academic and workforce development programs, expose students to career options early in their academic years, and provide them with greater access to exciting work-based learning opportunities.  The partnership also aims to create direct and seamless pathways to employment for students in high-demand industries including health care, information technology, and the life sciences. 


In September 2013, Governor Patrick and Mayor Menino joined Secretary of Education Matthew Malone and 18 RoxMAPP students as they began their first dual enrollment (high school/college) class experience.  The first cohort of students will focus on allied health.

Governor Patrick and Mayor Menino announce RoxMAPP
Governor Patrick and Mayor Menino announce RoxMAPP

“We have made tremendous strides in raising the achievement levels of all Massachusetts students, but there is more we can do to prepare for the 21st century economy,” said Governor Patrick. “RoxMAPP is about making significantly better and more effective use of the resources we have to develop the talent we have, to build a stronger economic future.”

“The best investments we can make are in our young people and in our schools,” said Mayor Menino. “This innovative partnership will put our students on the right track and prepare them for the careers of the future. These young men and women are the best our city has to offer and supporting them now will pay huge dividends to Boston in the years to come.”

Press Release - June 20, 2013  

Primary Goals of the Partnership

  1. Madison Park and RCC will increase student retention and graduation rates and close persistent achievement gaps at both institutions by enhancing the quality and rigor of academic and career programs and providing all students with more comprehensive and individualized support.
  2. Madison Park and RCC will increase college and career readiness by creating more seamless educational and career pathways for students.
  3. Madison Park and RCC will increase employment rates for young adults in the region by working in collaboration with the Joint Industry Advisory Board (JIAB).  The JIAB, which will include community and business leaders, will support the creation of seamless pathways to employment in high-need industries by establishing more work-based learning opportunities for students and robust partnerships with local and regional businesses.
  4. Madison Park and RCC will combine the knowledge, expertise, resources, and facilities of both institutions to provide new services that better respond to the needs of students, parents and family members, employers, and members of the Roxbury community.
  5. Madison Park, RCC, the JIAB, and community members will use this partnership to create new opportunities for community renewal and development and revitalize the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston.

Joint Industry Advisory Board

The partnership will be advised and directed by a Joint Industry Advisory Board appointed by Governor Patrick and Mayor Menino. The Boston School Committee and the RCC Board of Trustees will retain control of their respective institutions and will be represented on the new advisory board by members of both boards.

Gerald Chertavian, Year Up & Roxbury Community College Board of Trustees

Jack Connors, Founding Partner & Chairman Hill Holliday

Mark Erlich, New England Regional Council of Carpenters

John Fish, Suffolk Construction

Gary Gottlieb, Partners HealthCare

Jay Hooley, State Street

Tito Jackson, Boston City Council

Eric Lander, Broad Institute

Sandra Lopez-Burke, City Year Boston

Karen Mapp, Harvard University

Claudio Martinez, Boston School Committee

Thaddeus Miles, MassHousing

J. Keith Motley, UMass Boston Chancellor

Valerie Roberson, Roxbury Community College President

Beverly Scott, MBTA General Manager

Neil Sullivan, Private Industry Council

Veronica Turner-Biggs, 1199 SEIU

Kevin Richard Small, RCC student representative

Kimberly Stieglitz, RCC faculty representative

Tonia Larkins, Madison Park faculty representative

Taylor Sullivan, Madison Park student representative

If you or your child are interested in enrolling in the RoxMAPP program, please contact Ms. Opal Hines-Fisher at Madison Park for more information.

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