Cranberry Bog

AEEP supports agricultural operations that are looking to install conservation practices that prevent direct impacts on water quality, ensure efficient use of water, as well as address impacts on air quality. Farmers selected to participate in the program are reimbursed up to $25,000 for the cost of materials and labor necessary for the installation of the approved practice.

AEEP will fund conservation practices that protect water quality, ensure water conservation, and address air quality issues. All projects where the primary focus is renewable energy or energy conservation would need to apply to the Massachusetts Ag-Energy Grant Program

Some examples of eligible projects for funding include manure waste storage, irrigation efficiency, water control structures, pesticide storage, and fencing to keep livestock out of a water resource.

Eligibility and Applying

Property must consist of land under the same ownership and be actively devoted to agricultural or horticultural use. Aquaculture operations must possess a current valid shellfish license. There is no minimum acreage requirement; however, projects that address significant resource concerns are more likely to receive funding. 

Where applicable, applicants must have proof of a written and updated NRCS Conservation Plan (flower growers and aquaculture operations are excluded from this requirement). 

Developing a plan will qualify you to apply to AEEP, as well as USDA financial assistance programs to install the recommended practices. 

Please contact your local NRCS office to start the conservation plan. There is no charge for conservation planning.

The application period is closed.  Applications are anticipated to become available in early spring 2017.