Image of East Dennis Aquaculture

The cultivation of marine and freshwater organisms is a very diverse segment of the Massachusetts agriculture industry. The Commonwealth’s aquaculture industry produces aquatic species for food, education, ornamental, bait and sport fishing activities, including 6 species of shellfish and 10 species of finfish that are cultured experimentally and commercially.

The Aquaculture Specialist's Office at the Department of Agricultural Resources provides a variety of services aimed at the promotion and development of Massachusetts aquaculture. The Aquaculture Program, located within the Division of Agricultural Conservation and Technical Assistance, fosters development of the Massachusetts Aquaculture Industry through efforts aimed at implementation of the Commonwealth’s Aquaculture Strategic Plan.

Follow this link for a copy of the Aquaculture Operation Description Form doc format of Aquaculture Operation Description Form

CCCE/Woods Hole Sea Grant/SEMAC contracted with the UMASS Center for Marketing Research to conduct an economic survey of the aquaculture industry in Massachusetts. Sample of results include:

•       The output of the shellfish aquaculture industry in Massachusetts was valued at approximately $25.4m in 2013, which in turn generated approximately$45.5m in the Massachusetts economy, or 1.79 times the activity.

•       Shellfish farmers were responsible for approximately 909 jobs.

•       Shellfish farmers paid approximately $11.9m in wages in 2013. Their economic activity generated additional labor income of $8.2m, for a total of approximately $20.1m in labor income in MA.