The MDAR Energy Program’s primary function is to promote energy knowledge and awareness and to facilitate the implementation of energy related projects for our agri-businesses through energy efficiency, energy conservation and renewable energy applications, as a means to reduce both energy costs and environmental pollution. 

Furthering this effort, working in conjunction with USDA NRCS and Berkshire Pioneer Resource Conservation & Development, the Massachusetts Farm Energy Program (MFEP) was created. Now in its fourth year of operation, MFEP is intended to be the one-stop shop for Agri-businesses in Massachusetts, being a clearinghouse of information, technical assistance, incentives, rebates, grant programs, etc. Please visit and become part of the  Massachusetts Farm Energy Program.

Agricultural Business Determination for the Purpose of Net Metering

Massachusetts General Laws (G.L.), c. 164, §§138 through 143, include sections relating to “net metering facilities”.  Among the classes of net metering facilities is “agricultural net metering facility.”  Such a facility is defined in G.L. c. 164, §138, as a renewable energy  generating facility that is operated as part of an agricultural business, generates electricity with a capacity of no more than two megawatts,   is located on land owned or controlled by an agricultural business, and is used to provide energy to metered accounts of the business. MDAR is responsible for making agricultural business determinations. This linked application needs to be filled out and submitted to MDAR for these purposes.

Department of Public Utilities (DPU) Net Metering – Regulations and Model Tariffs

MA Net Metering Regulations are now effective. If you have a renewable energy system installed, or are considering installing one, and you are in either NSTAR, NGRID, WMECO or Unitil service territories, you should contact their respective net metering department and enroll and apply for net metering as soon as possible, regardless of how much renewable energy you generate. Visit the Department of Public Utilities website for more details.

Solar Carve Out Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)

Effective Jan 1, 2010, a new state renewable energy credit program is in effect. Created by DOER and MRET, the program is intended to provide environmental attribute financial incentives for new solar PV projects that were installed after Jan1, 2008 and did not receive MRET Commonwealth Solar 1 or significant ARRA funding. For more information please visit website at .

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Commonwealth Energy Program

The Mass CEC supports clean energy projects through a variety of clean energy grand and rebate incentive programs. These include solar photovoltaics, solar thermal, wind and organics-to-energy incentives.

Energy Best Management Practices

Mass Farm Energy Program has developed a series of Farm Energy Best Management Practices (BMPs) that walk through considerations for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects on farms in the Northeast. These documents are organized by sector and based on the experiences of Massachusetts farmers as they make upgrades to farm infrastructure to save energy and money and set up renewable energy systems across the state.

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