Cattle enclosed by fence

All bovine animals, except for immediate slaughter, driven, shipped or in any way transported into the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from any point outside thereof must be accompanied by the shipping copy of a Valid Health Certificate indicating state and herd status.

In addition, an Advanced Notice to Bring in Cattle is required. A copy of the Health Certificate approved by the Chief Livestock Health Official of the state of origin indicating said cattle have conformed to the following requirements must be sent to our Division promptly:


  1. From Class Free States – No Test Required
  2. From Class A, B, C – Call for Requirements


Note: No age exceptions

  1. Accredited Free Herd or State – No Test Required
  2. Other – Negative TB test within the last 12 months

Cattle for immediate slaughter: (72 hrs.) are exempt, but must have met USDA requirements for interstate movement to slaughter (waybill and permanent identification).