White horse running

A health certificate signed by an accredited veterinarian must accompany all shipments of horses, mules and asses into the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

1. For equines imported into the state, the health certificate must declare the animal or animals free from all contagious or infectious diseases and must state that equines are negative to a USDA approved test for Equine Infectious Anemia (Coggins or Elisa) done at an approved laboratory within the previous twelve (12) months.

The certificate must state that these equines do not originate from a quarantined area, or an area where a contagious or infectious disease has been officially diagnosed. No Pending EIA tests are accepted. 

The Health Certificate must show a temperature recording of the animal that must be within the normal range. The Health Certificate must also identify the lab performing the EIA test, the accession number of the test, the result of the test and the date the sample was drawn. 

Each animal must be individually identified by name, tatoo, color, markings, scars, brands, hair whorls or other unique identification. The health certificate is void after thirty (30) days. Foals 6 months of age and under are exempt from the EIA test requirement provided they are accompanied by their dams and the dam has the approved negative test.

2. Equines to be auctioned, sold or offered for sale must have been negative to a USDA approved test for Equine Infectious Anemia within the previous six (6) months of such sale or auction. All other requirements as above in (1) apply.