Baby Chicks

No person shall import into the Commonwealth of Massachusetts hatching eggs, baby chicks or live poultry, except poultry intended for immediate slaughter or for exhibition subject to permit granted by the State Department of Agriculture, unless such hatching eggs are the produce of flocks which meet, and such baby chicks or live poultry meet, or are the first generation progeny of flocks which meet, the minimum requirements for "pullorum passed" or "pullorum clean" grades of poultry, as established by the Commissioner of Agriculture, or the equivalent thereof.

Adult poultry* entering the Commonwealth of Massachusetts must be accompanied by proof of an NPIP approved negative test for salmonella pullorum-typhoid and an NPIP/ VS 9-3 form, issued by the state of origin. Day old chicks and hatching eggs must originate from flocks that are NPIP salmonella pullorum-typhoid negative and be accompanied by an NPIP/ VS 9-3 form issued by the state of origin.

*The definition of “Poultry” in regards to testing requirements includes chickens, turkeys, guinea fowl, and gamebirds.

All other avian species require a general health certificate for entry into the commonwealth.