All swine shipped or in any way transported into the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from any point outside thereof must be accompanied by a Valid Health Certificate with the number of the Notice to Import Swine issued by the Director of the Division of Animal Health. The official copy of the Health Certificate approved by the livestock official of the state of origin shall be forwarded to this Bureau promptly. The Certificate must state that to the best of the issuing veterinarian’s knowledge they have not been fed raw garbage and the animals are free from evidence of infectious and contagious disease and have not recently been exposed to any infectious, contagious or parasitic disease.

All swine (including pot-bellied pigs or other "pet" type) must also comply with the following:


All swine imported into Massachusetts must be blood test negative to brucellosis within 30 days prior to importation unless coming directly from a validated brucellosis-free herd or state. Validation number or state status must appear on the health certificate.


All Breeding swine must enter directly from qualified pseudorabies-free herds and have been negative to an USDA-approved test for pseudorabies conducted within 30 days prior to entry.

Feeder/Immediate Slaughter swine must originate from qualified pseudorabies-free herds or monitored herds in qualified pseudorabies-free states only.

Swine vaccinated against PRV (any type of vaccine) are not accepted for entry into Massachusetts.