Cattle enclosed by fence

Disease control on the farm is serious business. The goal of biosecurity is to minimize the introduction of disease onto farms, limit the spread of disease already on farms, and reduce the risk of disease being carried between farms. This includes controlling the transmission of disease-causing agents between animals, from animals to feed and from animals to equipment that may directly or indirectly contact other animals.

Biosecurity management practices are designed to prevent the spread of disease by minimizing the movement of biologic organisms and their vectors (viruses, bacteria, rodents, flies, etc.) onto and within your operation through animals, vehicles, visitors, personnel, pests, and other means.

While developing and maintaining biosecurity is difficult, it is the cheapest, most effective means of disease control available, and no disease prevention program will work without it.

An additional factor in biosecurity is to keep the farm protected from intentional or unintentional tampering with the farm, animals or equipment which may instigate a disease outbreak.