The Commonwealth of Massachusetts licenses rental stables and riding schools to ensure the health and safety of horses and riders. Although private stables need not be licensed, any for-profit hire of horses requires licensing. The licensing period extends from April 1 through March 31 of each year. Details regarding licensing are available in our regulations pdf format of 330 CMR 16.00

New 2016-17 Stable - Riding School License Renewal Form pdf format of Riding School/Stable Application

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon does my stable or school have to be licensed after opening?
You must take the first steps towards licensing prior to opening the stable or school.

How do I get started with the licensing process?
First, print out and complete the license application and return it to the address on the application. The application may be found on the equine program page, under Forms. Once the department has received the application with the correct fee, an inspector from DAR will inspect your facility. If it passes the inspection, you will be issued a license.

What is the license fee?
The annual fee is $100.

What kind of records am I required to keep?
All licensees must maintain records of the daily work periods for each horse for 30 days.

If I apply for an equine dealer /transporter license and I am a licensed stable, what is the fee?
For those currently licensed under Chapter 128, Section 2B (Stable License), the license fee is reduced to $5.00 when accompanied by the Stable License Number. A vehicle decal is required for each vehicle in which animals will be transported. The fee for each decal is $5.00.