Becoming a licensed riding instructor is accomplished in one of two ways: Candidates either have an equivalent certification to teach riding from another governing body or they can work with a Massachusetts licensed riding instructor who is currently licensed under an apprenticeship program which lasts at least 6 months and includes, as a part of the training, 60 hours of the apprentice teaching mounted students under the direct supervision of the licensed mentor. All candidates take an exam which was reviewed and updated in 2016. 

 Important Note: Beginning June 1, 2017 All Apprentices Will Need To Pass the Instructor's Exam Prior to Teaching Mounted Students. 

Beginning  June 1, 2017, all apprentices must declare their apprenticeship in the first 30 days, they must apprentice under a Massachusetts licensed Riding Instructor, they must pass the Instructor's exam and have the consent of their mentor prior to teaching mounted students, and all instruction to mounted students must occur at a licensed stable. This is described in the Apprenticeship Policy pdf format of Apprenticeship Policy
. Please read the Apprenticeship Requirements and Expectation pdf format of Apprenticeship Requirements and Expectations
 and use the Declaration of Apprenticeship Form pdf format of Declaration of Apprenticeship Form
, Exam Application Form pdf format of Riding Instructor License Application
and Hour Log  xls format of Hour Log for Excel
. There is no fee for declaring an apprenticeship. 

Two exams, in May and August, based on current demand levels, are offered in Amherst at our offices or UMass. See the Exam Schedule pdf format of Exam Schedule
for actual location.

Exams are offered monthly in Randolph, MA at the location below:

  • Exam Location: The Lantana, 43 Scanlon Drive, Randolph, MA 02368.
  • Parking: Parking for all examinees is available at The Lantana.
  • Conference/Banquet Room: Please enter the lobby of The Lantana through the main door and follow the signs to the appropriate conference/banquet room.

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