1. Review M. G. L. Chapter 129, Section 39A and Rules and Regulations 330 CMR 12.00.
  2. Request application for License to Operate a Pet Shop, and hard copy of Rules and Regulations if necessary. Prospective Pet Shop owners can receive advice from one of our Animal Health Inspectors prior to applying or starting construction.
  3. Fill out application completely. Make sure Date of Opening is indicated. Return with the fee to the address on the application about three weeks before planned opening date.
  4. When the office receives the application, we will notify the proper staff member who will do an inspection on or about the date of opening indicated.
  5. If the inspector finds no violations, the report will be forwarded to the office and a license will be issued. If the inspection is unsatisfactory, the inspection will be forwarded to the office and the business will be given the appropriate amount of time to correct any violations.
  6. If, upon reinspection, the violations have not been corrected and the license is denied, 330 CMR 12.02 (3) is in effect.
  7. Any questions, please call 617-626-1795.
  8. Remember: No animals are allowed in the store until the license is approved.