Reportable diseases may be foreign animal diseases which we currently do not have in this state; diseases which have serious public health consequences; or diseases that we have either previously eradicated from Massachusetts or are very close to eradicating. 

Veterinary practitioners are required to report suspect or positive cases of these diseases to the Division of Animal Health promptly.  The Division will then take appropriate action following a thorough investigation and evaluation. Click the link below for a list of reportable diseases in Massachusetts.

Disease outbreaks should be reported to the following locations:

Division of Animal Health
251 Causeway St., Suite 500
Boston, MA 02114

Dr. Lorraine O'Connor, Chief Veterinary Health Officer, 617-626-1791
Dr. Frederick Mach, Veterinary Health Officer

If you are unable to reach Dr. O'Connor please call 617-626-1795

Veterinary Services

136 Providence-Worcester Rd., Suite 20
Sutton, MA 01590