MDAR’s mission to support, regulate, and promote the Commonwealth’s agricultural future is enhanced by the various boards and commissions upon which the Department draws expertise and guidance. Current and statutorily authorized boards include the Agricultural Lands Preservation Committee (ALPC), Dairy Promotion Board, Farm Technology Review Commission (FTRC), Food and Agriculture Board, Pesticide Board, and State Reclamation and Mosquito Control Board.

While the names of all board/commission members as well as contact information for the various MDAR staff liaisons are provided, please note that all Department Boards and Commissions may also be reached directly for official correspondence by US Post at:

(Name of the Board/Commission being reached)
Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources
251 Causeway St., Suite 500
Boston, MA  02114

Agricultural Lands Preservation Committee (ALPC)

M.G.L. Chapter 20 § 24
Chairman:          John Lebeaux, Commissioner, MDAR

The ALPC’s function is to evaluate and accept or reject applications for Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR) projects based upon the criteria outlined in the General Laws. There are four farmer members appointed by the Governor; one member from the Board of Agriculture; two non-voting members; a designee of the Undersecretary of the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, a designee of the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs; and the Commissioner of Agricultural Resources who serves as the chair.  

   State Agency Members:
John Lebeaux, Commissioner, MDAR
   Robert O’Conner, designee of Secretary Sullivan, EOEEA
   Miryam Bobadilla, designee of Undersecretary Brooks, EOHE
   Gordon Price, Chairman, Board of Agriculture

   Public Members (Appointed by the Governor):
Stephen Verrill –farmer
   Warren Shaw, Jr. –farmer
   Frederick Dabney, Jr. – farmer
   George Beebe – farmer

   Non-Voting Members:
Barbara Miller, designee of Christine Clarke, State Conservationist, Natural Resources Conservation Service
   Stephen Herbert, Designee of Dean Goodwin, College of Sciences at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Board of Food and Agriculture

M.G.L. Chapter 20, § 1
Interim Chairperson: Judy Leab

The Board of Food and Agriculture represents the interests of agriculture to the Department and provides input on policy development and budgetary decisions. The Board’s approval is required for the appointment or dismissal of the Assistant. It consists of seven members, each of whom must be from a different county, four of whom shall be farmers.

Public Members (Appointed by the Governor):

Laura Abrams - Middlesex County, farmer
Judy Leab – Berkshire County, farmer
Glynn Lloyd - Suffolk County, farmer/non-profit director
Gordon Price – Essex County, farmer
Kim Stevens - Franklin County, farmer
Noli Taylor - Dukes County, non-profit director
Richard E. Canning, Jr. - Barnstable County, Farmer

Farm Technology Review Commission (FTRC)

Chapter 310 § 11 of the Acts of 2008
Chairman:           The Commissioner of Agricultural Resources’ designee Gerard Kennedy,                               
                              Director of the Division of Agricultural Technical Assistance, MDAR
Staff Liaison:      Gerard Kennedy, 617-626-1773

The role of the FTRC is to study and recommend options for updating farming technology.  This is a broad mandate, which includes but is not limited to: ways to promote energy conservation; collaborative purchasing; purchasing and selling of energy; and energy saving technology. In addition, the Commission will also recommend alternative options for agricultural sustainability and growth, and analyze regulations and statutes to ensure that they are not impediments to the adoption of such farming technology. The Commission consists of representatives of the Department of Agricultural Resources, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Public Health, Department of Revenue, and the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative the Massachusetts Cooperative of Milk Producers Federation, the Massachusetts Association of Dairy Farmers, and a Dairy Farmer Licensed as a Producer Dealer.

   State Agency Members:
Gerard Kennedy- designee of Commissioner, MDAR
   Jonathan Hobill – designee Commissioner Ken Kimmel , MDEP
   Roy Petre– designee Commissioner John Auerbach, MDPH
   Dennis Buckley,-designee of Commissioner Amy Pitter, MDOR
   Amy Barrad, Clean Energy Center

   Public Members (Appointed by the Governor):
James Cooper, dairy farmer licensed as a producer handler
   Mark Duffy, Massachusetts Association of Dairy Farmers
   Peter Melnik, Massachusetts Cooperative of Milk Producers Federation

Massachusetts Food Policy Council (FPC)

M.G.L. Chapter 20 § section 6C
Chairman:           John Lebeaux, Commissioner, MDAR
Staff Liaison:       Bonita Oehlke, 617-626-1753

Chapter 277 of the Acts of 2010 amends Massachusetts General Law Chapter 20 by inserting Section 6C, creating a 17-member Food Policy Council (“FPC”). The purpose of the council is to develop recommendations to advance the following food system goals for the commonwealth including (A) increased production, sales and consumption of Massachusetts-grown foods; (B) the development and promotion of programs that deliver healthy Massachusetts-grown foods to Massachusetts residents, through programs such as: (i) targeted state subsidies; (ii) increased state purchasing of local products for school and summer meals and other child and adult care programs; (iii) double coupon initiatives; (iv) direct market subsidies to communities with identified needs; (v) increased institutional purchases of Massachusetts-grown foods and other programs to make access to healthy Massachusetts products affordable, and (vi) increased access to healthy Massachusetts-grown foods in communities with disproportionate burdens of obesity and chronic diseases; (C) the protection of the land and water resources required for sustained local food production; and (D) the training, retention and recruitment of farmers and providing for the continued economic viability of local food production, processing and distribution in the commonwealth.

State Agency Members:

Secretary Jay Ash, MEOHED
Commissioner, MDPH
Kerry Bowie, designee for Deputy Commissioner Gary Moran, MDEP
Katie Millet, designee for Commissioner of Education, MESE
Frank Martinez Nocito, designee for Commissioner Stacey Monahan,  MDTA
John Lebeaux, Commissioner, MDAR

Legislative members (appointed by the Governor):

Representative Kimberly Ferguson
Senator Robert Hedlund
Representative Steve Kulik

Industry Members (appointed by the Governor):

Vivien Morris, MS, RD, MPH, LDN, Boston Public Health Commission, Community based nutrition and public health expert
Jeff Cole, Executive Director, MA farmers markets, direct to consumer marketing
Manuel Costa, President, Costa Fruit and Produce, Food processor and distributor
Helen Caulton-Harris, Springfield Board of Health, Local health department representative
John Lee, Allandale Farm, Farmer
Amanda Kinchla, M.S., Food Safety Extension Specialist, UMASS Amherst
John Waite, Food processor and handler

Advisory Committee Members

Shemariah Blum-Evitts,  Lutheran Social Services’ New Lands Farm Program
Cris Coffin, American Farmland Trust
James Harrison, The Food Project
Nancy Cohen,  UMass
Christa Drew, MA Food Policy Alliance
Joe Schoenfeld, UMASS
Phil Korman of Community,  Involved in Sustaining Agriculture
Brad Mitchell,  Farm Bureau
Ellen Parker,  Project Bread
Helen Rasmussen PhD, Tufts

Massachusetts Dairy Promotion Board

M.G.L. Chapter 20 § 30
Chairman:          The Commissioner of Agricultural Resources’ designee Mary Jordan, 617-626-1750
                              Director of the Division of Agricultural Markets

The Dairy Promotion Board develops programs and policies with the objective of increasing the consumption of Massachusetts dairy products through promotion, research, and educational activities. The nine member board is made up of representatives of the Department of Agricultural Resources, Executive Office of Administration and Finance, the dairy farming industry, and the milk processing industry.

   State Agency Members:
Mary Jordan - designee Commissioner, MDAR
   Sean Faherty - designee Secretary Jay Gonzalez, A&F

   Staff Liaison: Julia Grimaldi, MDPB Coordinator, 617-626-1763

   Public Members (Appointed by the Commissioner of the Department of Agricultural Resources):
Sam Shields, dairy farmer, Agri-Mark,
   Krisanne Koebke, dairy farmer, MA Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Inc.
   Darryl Williams, dairy farmer, MA Association of Dairy Farmers
   David Hanson, dairy farmer, Agri-Mark
   Kathleen Herrick, dairy farmer, MA Association of Dairy Farmers
   Warren Shaw, dairy farmer, New England Producer Handler Association
   Lynne Bohan, Massachusetts Food Association

Massachusetts Pesticide Board

M.G.L. Chapter. 132B § 3
Chairman:           The Commissioner of Agricultural Resources’ designee Lee Corte-Real,
                               Director of the Division of Crop & Pest Services, MDAR

Staff Liaison:       Lee Corte-Real, Director of the Division of Crop and Pest Services, 617-626-1776

The Board's responsibilities entail advising the Commissioner of Agricultural Resources with respect to the implementation and administration of Massachusetts general laws pertaining to pesticides. The Board also hears appeals of those aggrieved by the actions or decisions of the Department or the Subcommittee of the Pesticide Board.  The thirteen member board consists of representatives of the Department of Agricultural Resources, Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Food and Drugs, Department of  Fish and Game, Department of Conservation and Recreation, Department of Public Health, as well as farming, commercial pesticide applicators,  pesticide toxicology, the environmental community, the medical community, and citizens at large.

   State Agency Members:
  Lee Corte-Real, Designee for Commissioner John Lebeaux, MDAR
   Kathy Romero, Designee for Commissioner Martin Suuberg, MDEP
   Marc Nascarella, Ph.D. Designee for Commissioner Dr. Monica Bharel, M.D., MDPH
   Michael Moore, MDPH, Food Protection Program
   Jack Buckley, Designee for Commissioner George Peterson, Jr., MDFG
   Ken Gooch, Designee for Commissioner Jack Murray, MDCR

   Public Members (Appointed by the Governor):
   Richard Berman, pesticide applicator
   Dr. Richard Bonnano, farmer
   William Clark, conservation agent and extension agent
   Laurell Farinon, conservation agent
   Dr. Jack Looney, professor
   Dr. Brian Magee, toxicologist

State Reclamation and Mosquito Control Board (SRMCB)

M.G.L. Chapter 252 § 2
Chairman:     The Commissioner of Agricultural Resources’ designee Lee Corte-Real,
                         Director of the Division of Crop & Pest Services, MDAR
Staff Liaison: Lee Corte-Real, SRMCB, 617-626-1776

The SRMCB oversees mosquito control in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and establishes administrative and technical policy, guidelines, and best management practices to insure that mosquito control programs are effective and safe.  The SRMCB also appoints all Commissioners of the various regional mosquito control projects.  The three member board is comprised of representatives of the Departments of Agricultural Resources, Conservation and Recreation, and Environmental Protection.

State Agency Members:
Lee Corte-Real, designee Commissioner, DAR
Gary Gonyea, designee Commissioner David W. Cash, DEP
Bruce Hansen, designee Commissioner Jack Murray, DCR

Small Farm Demonstration and Training Center Review Board (State Review Board)

Chairman: John Lebeaux, Commissioner, MDAR
Staff Liaison: Richard Chandler

Responsibilities of the SRB: Established under the terms of Chapter 664 of the Acts of 1986 to review and approve Lessee activities under the terms of a lease to the New England Small Farm Institute on 475 acres of state owned land in Belchertown to develop a “Small Farm Demonstration and Training Center”

Current State Review Board Membership (Voting – all positions may be represented by a designee): Commissioner of the Department of Agricultural Resources (Chair/Convener); Commissioner Department of Capital Asset Management; Director/Dean, UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture; Director, UMass Amherst Extension/Center for Agriculture; Dean, UMass Amherst College of Natural Resources; Chair, Belchertown Conservation Commission; Chair, Belchertown Economic Development and Industrial Corporation (EDIC); Director, Division of Agricultural Conservation and Technical Assistance