The Farm Technology Review Commission (FTRC) is chaired by the Commissioner of Agriculture, and is comprised of state officials and farming representatives. Its role is to recommend options for updating farming technology including, ways to promote energy conservation, collaborative purchasing, purchasing and selling of energy and energy saving technology. In addition, the Commission will recommend options for agricultural sustainability and growth, and analyze regulations and statutes to ensure that they are not impediments to the adoption of farming technology.

The Commission was created as a result of the Dairy Preservation Act of 2008, ( Chapter 310, Section 11 )

An annual report is required to be submitted by the Commission to the Governor and the Legislature on the results of its investigation and study, and its recommendations. The report may include any drafts of legislation necessary to carry its recommendations into effect.

While the Department of Agricultural Resources will chair the eight member commission other state agencies that will participate include the Department of Environmental Protection; the Department of Public Health, the Department of Revenue and the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. Three dairy farmers representing the Massachusetts Association of Dairy Farmers, the New England Producer Handler Association and the Massachusetts Cooperative Milk Producers Federation have also been appointed.

Each member serves for a term of 3 years. The commission shall meet quarterly or as need be if requested by 4 or more members of the commission. See Commission Members

FTRC Meetings and Minutes

To receive electronic notices of meetings and other materials related to the FTRC, the Commission is providing a sign up form which can be submitted online.