Apple hanging from a tree

Crop Inspectional Services administers a diversified quality-control program that ensures the quality of farm inputs, such as fertilizer, animal feed, and seeds and inspects consumer products such as plants, fruits and vegetables. Crop Inspectional Services enforces Truth-In-Labeling laws on apples, potatoes, seed, feed, pet food, fertilizer, limestone and certifies Controlled Atmosphere rooms for compliance.

The quality of farm products is monitored for adherence with established standards, including the Federal-State Fruit and Vegetable Quality Program and in conjunction with the USDA's grading program. The uniform laws and grades allow for products in interstate and export commerce. Working with other states , the U.S.D.A., F.D.A., APHIS and various regulated industries, Farm Products and Plant Industries section of the Department of Agricultural Resources have helped foster the marketing of high-quality products for the consumer.

The field staff is trained and licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which allows them to issue federal certificates attesting to the quality, condition and grade of Massachusetts produce, plants and plant products for shipment.

The nursery inspection program prevents and minimizes the impact of pests entering the state. All nurseries and greenhouses are inspected and certified annually for control of insects and diseases. Agent licenses are issued to retail outlets who purchase nursery stock and offer it for resale.

Apiary (bee) inspections are conducted to prevent the introduction and establishment of honey bee pests and diseases.