Can I bring my bees into Massachusetts?

Yes, but 48 hours advance notification is required. Honey bee hives, packages, used or second-hand equipment, honeycombs, frames and other used beekeeping equipment can be shipped or transported into the Massachusetts but must be accompanied with a health certificate indicating the material was inspected from the state of origin within 60 days prior to shipment. If you are bringing in queen bees only, then notification and documentation is not required.

Do I need a permit to keep bees in Massachusetts?
At this time, a permit is not required, although you must voluntarily register your hive pdf format of Apiary Inspection Request form
if you are requesting an annual hive health inspection from MDAR.

How do I register my hives in Massachusetts?
Voluntarily hive registration can be completed by submitting a completed form to MDAR. Please note that you must voluntarily register your hive if you are requesting an annual hive health inspection from MDAR.

Can I move my bees to another state? 
Yes, but most states require a health certificate from an inspection for incoming hives and/or used equipment ensuring the material is free of pathogens/parasites/pests. Contact MDAR to schedule an inspection.

How far in advance should I schedule an inspection? 
The Chief Apiary Inspector must be notified at least 60 days in advance.

There is a nest of bees around my house or have gotten into my walls. What should I do? 
Contact your county bee association to find a beekeeper to remove the bees.