The MDAR Apiary Program has been established to promote and sustain apiculture in the Commonwealth. The Program is comprised of a team of highly trained and knowledgeable staff consisting of a Chief Inspector and four full-time seasonal inspectors located throughout the state. One of the most critical components of the program is to provide annual honey bee health inspections of colonies and used equipment upon request from beekeepers. Please note that all honey bee colonies and/or used equipment associated with honey bees entering Massachusetts must be inspected:

Regulations: pdf format of 330 CMR 8.00

Please complete this form to request an inspection of your honey bee colonies and/or used equipment. After receipt of your request, an apiary inspector will contact you to schedule an inspection. If your request is an emergency (i.e. dead out, sudden colony death, suspected pesticide kill, suspected American Foulbrood, etc.), please contact the Chief Apiary Inspector directly using the information on the MDAR Apiary Program webpage:

We look forward to visiting you and providing support this bee season!

Happy Beekeeping,
-The MDAR Apiary Program Team