Be Your Own Quality Control

The quality of pet food and livestock feed is important in helping ensure their health. If you think the feed you purchased or intend to buy has been compromised in any way, here are a few quality control measures to consider.

  • If the feed smells differently than it normally does or if there is mold on the bag or in the product, do not purchase that bag and bring it to the attention of the store manager.
  • Should substandard quality feed be delivered, inform the seller or store manager from where it was delivered why you are not accepting the bag and refuse delivery.
  • Dog and cat food manufacturers place an expiration date or sell by date somewhere on the bag. This does not mean that the product will be harmful to your animal once this date is reached. This is a date the manufacturer displays on the bag where they will guarantee the efficacy or viability of the feed. Beyond that date, sometimes certain ingredients in the product may break down and not produce the desired result of that particular ingredient. Before Purchasing a pet food, look at the expiration or sell-by-date and if the date is past, inform the store manager so that they can pull the bags in question from the shelves.

Consumers can avoid potential problems with their animals by paying close attention to quality of the feed they purchase and ensure that such feeds are stored appropriately and consumed by their animals within the recommended time frame.