Farmland Berkshires

It is the combined role of the Land Use Programs to ensure that land suitable for agriculture production is made available and maintained for the farming community into the future. To that end, the programs are primarily aimed at preserving active agricultural lands by providing farmland owners a choice to capitalize from their land’s non-agricultural value while still retaining ownership, making state owned lands available to Massachusetts farmers, and conducting environmental reviews when farmland is impacted or taken out of agricultural production.

Farmland Works for Your Community

  • Tax Savings-undeveloped land, even under reduced assessment, is almost always a net gain over houses that require costly services.
  • Environmental Buffering-to protect watersheds, habitat, reduce noise and provide visual breaks.
  • Locally grown food tastes & looks better, supports local families, lighter carbon footprints, and preserves genetic diversity.
  • Aesthetics/Quality of Life-pastoral landscapes that are attractive for residents and employers seeking livable environments.