Today's agricultural business climate favors farms that :

1. Identify and reach diverse markets to distribute risk and net better returns

2. Consider  loans and/or make personal investments of time and money based on realistic financial planning and record keeping

3. Provide a living wage and rewarding work for family members and employees that keeps them involved in the business and improves stability Understand and work as partners within  the regulatory requirements of Commonwealth and  the municipalities in which the farms are located, and

4. Understand and work proactively within the regulatory requirements of Commonwealth and the municipalities in which the farms are located

5. Pay attention to trends in the larger “food system” that are increasingly affected by climate, global commerce and regional economies

MDAR's Agricultural Business Training Program responds to these and other planning needs by raising awareness and providing a forum for feedback and support . More than 500 agricultural enterprises have completed at least one of  two MDAR courses for different stages of farm development.   

Not sure which course is right for you? Click here for an overview (flyer). pdf format of Ag Business Planning flyer